Female Football Fives FAQ

Are there different leagues for different standards?

In Nottingham we run 2 leagues; one for more competitive football and one league for beginners or veteran players (usually those over 30). Please choose the league when you are registering online to suit your ability. The veteran/beginners league is less competitive and perfect for those getting back into football after a long time out or just starting as a beginner. You can also change to the competitive league if you would like to in the future. 

What kit do I wear?

Casual sportswear is fine, trainers or astros. We advise you wear shin-pads but it is at your own wish.

How do I join as an individual?

We often get individuals wanting to join a team, that is completely fine. Sometimes there will be enough individuals signed up to make a new team all together, if not – we will add you to a team who require additional players. To sign up follow the registration form on the website and email girlssportsclub@6ez.group for any more questions.

How many players per team?

Even though it is 5 a-side we don’t have a maximum number of players that can be in your team. Subs are used regularly. We recommend 8 players max, but once again that’s up to your team preferences.

How long are the games?

Games are 40 minutes long, with 20 minutes each way and a 5-minute half time break.

What are the Kick Off times?

Kick off times vary depending on what venue you are using (usually vary between 6.30pm, 7.15pm, 8pm) it is likely you will have a different time each week

What if we need to cancel?

If you can’t play for one week you will need to let us know within 48 hours of the match day otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee of £30 per team. If you let us know in advance there will be no cancellation fee. We are making sure that all the fixtures will be known to you in advance to avoid teams feeling the need to cancel.

How do I pay?

We are now going cashless! All payments must be paid via our website prior to the kick off – this will be £350 per team unless you get an Early Promotion at £300

What's the cost breakdown per player?

The cost per player will depend on whether you make use of the Early Promotion. For a team of 7, it would be £50 per player, or £42.86 with the discount!

Can I buy a FFF kit?

Good news! We have Female Football Fives kit coming soon to our online shop, our kit is in partnership with Under Armour.

Team Captains?

Each team must have a sole point of contact and organiser; known as the team captain – they will be in charge of making sure all players have the correct information.

Where will fixture information be?

Fixtures and team updates will be displayed on the Female Football Fives Sports Centrall app HERE.

What if the league is full?

League places will come on a first come first serve basis, therefore to save disappointment book your team in advance, or register ahead for the next season.

How many seasons are there and how long are they? 

There are 3 seasons throughout the year, which are all 10 weeks long;

  • Christmas Cup (September – December)
  • Easter Cup (January – April)
  • Summer Cup (May – July)

Important Info to Remember

Key info:

  • Always arrive 15 minutes prior to K.O
  • Friendly competition is a must
  • On the day cancellations will be charged, so try and avoid this by borrowing players from other teams if need be
  • Enjoy a cold beer or soft drink in the onsite bar after your game!

Want a better look into the competition and what it's all about? Watch the video below to see how it's structured and what to expect, or click here to read Sky Sports' article.

"The experience The 1 provides isn't just about the playing part of it, they get the opportunity to have some media training, they get the opportunity to win a bat sponsorship..."

- Lydia Greenway, former England player

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