As the year comes to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on women’s cricket highlights from the last 12 months. We have had no shortage of memorable moments throughout this year’s season, from new competitions, new records set and best of all, more women and girls finding a love for cricket! We have compiled just a few of our favourite highlights from this year and want to share them with you!

The Fairbreak Invitational game was truly a stand-out of the 2022 season. Hosted in Dubai, the new Twenty20 competition saw players from 35 countries mixed into 6 teams: Spirit, Falcons, Warriors, Tornadoes, Team Barmy Army, and Sapphires. The aim of the competition was to build much-needed gender equality, and support women in playing cricket at an international level.

It's safe to say that Fairbreak did exactly what it set out to achieve. With players from countries such as Vanuatu and Rwanda being paired with experienced international players, gaining valuable knowledge and insight, and also showing off the fantastic talent they have to offer. The competition was met with such success that it will be played again in 2023, this time hosted in Hong Kong. It is great to see that often under-represented countries within cricket, now have an opportunity to play on the same stage as many others, and we hope this is the start of breaking more barriers within cricket.

This year also saw the Commonwealth games descend on Birmingham, and history was made as women’s T20 cricket was played for the first time! 8 countries took to the Commonwealth Stage with the hopes of being the first to lift the Commonwealth trophy, but a thrilling final saw India take the title after they won against England.

The 2022 Commonwealth games were not only notorious for being the first of hopefully many, to include a women’s T20 tournament. They also beat Australia’s ICC Cricket World Cup ticket sales, with 150,000 people purchasing tickets over the course of the games. We see this as a great success and hope to see the number of people watching women’s cricket continue to rise over the next few years!

Finally, looking back on this year, we want to thank all our followers! This year we reached the 1,000-follower milestone on Instagram, and we want to express our thanks for your support in our journey to make cricket inclusive for all!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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