GRASSROOTS STORY OF THE WEEK - The Greater Manchester Girls Network

GRASSROOTS STORY OF THE WEEK - The Greater Manchester Girls Network

This week's Grassroots story is all about a rugby network that brings girls together from all around the region, to help them play, develop, and grow!


The Greater Manchester Girls Network is based in the Northwest of England and supports girls rugby through a range of different activities. They work hard to make sure they can run events every weekend for girls U12 through to U18. It is all possible thanks to hard work from the founder James Wright, who is a volunteer, as well as collaboration with their member clubs. The network initiative and their activities help grow the women’s game through providing more playing opportunities and competitions for girls in the region. In September 2021, the network consisted of 15 clubs. It now consists of 22 clubs and around 550 girls!


The Greater Manchester Girls Network also recently launched a campaign called ‘Here If You Need’ with the aim of providing free period wear at all clubs in the network. The initiative has been supported by both We Are Girls in Sport, and our partner brand Fab Little Bag. Thanks to the RFU’s newly launched RWC2025 Impact Facility Fund the clubs in the network can also apply to get financial support for making their facilities more female friendly and providing free period wear!


Periods in sport is a topic we’ve shared a lot on our platform, you might even remember the campaign we launched back in September 2022. It makes the subject extra close to our hearts and we’re so happy to see the work that the Greater Manchester Girls Network is doing.


We love the work that the network is doing for girls’ rugby in the region, all from giving the players more opportunities to play rugby to supporting their health both on and off the pitch. Everyone involved works hard with the girls' best interest at heart, and GMGN are making a huge difference for girls' rugby. These are truly the things that help growing the game!

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