Grassroots Story of the Week: Frankie GRC XV member

Recently, we shared a Grassroots story of the week on one of our Girls Rugby Club XV members, Frankie. Together with her dad, she has got her school to start a girls' rugby team. They recently shared the news on their Instagram @thatrugbygirll and we are so excited about it!
It will start by holding taster PE sessions and will eventually grow into an after-school club for all the girls who want to play rugby. Getting the school to start a girls' rugby team is a huge achievement and we know there’s a lot of work behind it. We’re so proud of and happy for our XV member Frankie who can now play and enjoy rugby at her school!
Frankie is a true inspiration in rugby and has done so much for the women's game this year. Following the Rugby World Cup final, she wrote an inspirational letter to the Red Roses which has been widely shared and highly praised on social media since posting it. These are the things that help grow the women’s game and will help lots of girls find their love for rugby. It has therefore been celebrated as one of our Grassroots Story of the Week, for which we want to find and highlight some of the best stories from women's and girls' grassroots rugby.
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