By Girls For Girls

Our store is built by girls, for girls. That means all our products are specially selected and reviewed by girls playing sport. We create opportunities for females all across the world and promise to always deliver excellence.


Chosen By The Experts.

We have expert coaches working in female sport across rugby, football, netball, performance fitness and more. We've carefully selected the products that work best for the girls we've spoken to. Our products are selected with care and with the female athlete in mind


One Vest. Any Sport. Zena Impact Vest.

The most advanced female impact protection vest for contact sports, worn by female atletes across the globe. Specifically desgined to suit any sport.

  • The Girls Rugby Club

    Built by Girls.For Girls The Girls Rugby Club is riding the wave of the changing tide and it’s our mission to bring women’s rugby to the fore. We share a passion for the sport and the people it makes us. Founded by England international and Harlequins centre Rachael Burford, the Girls Rugby Club is about opening doors within the sport and cementing a pathway for the future.

  • Female Football Fives

    Female Football Fives aims to provide opportunities for women and girls of all ages and abilities to play football. The project is set up by females and our ethos is to provide fun and social football, whilst catering for everyone.

  • The Girls Cricket Club

    The Girls Cricket Club ia place for female cricketers, to share knowledge, resources, inspiration and opportunities. 

    It’s a supportive and welcoming environment for girls to feel a sense of belonging within cricket and where we can serve as a independent voice for females within the game. 

    Founded by England cricket legend Lydia Greenway, the Girls Cricket Club is about creating opportunities for development both on and off the field and providing resources specific to girls and women to support them on their sporting journey. 

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